Safe Secure Host Home Page Tools:

These tools and languages are available to create, operate and maintain your web site:
ssh   secure shell (encrypted) access to your Linux shell account,
scp   secure copy (encrypted) transfer of your files to and from your Linux file area,
sftp   secure file transfer protocol (encrypts EVERYTHING, including your password),
php   hypertext preprocessor scripting language,
Perl   programming/scripting language,
MySQL   database engine,
phpMyAdmin   user friendly web interface to administer your MySQL databases,
email   Secure WebMail or IMAP or POP3 mail access,
Mail Filter   powerful mail filtering (using maildrop) can eliminate incoming spam completely,
Mail Lists   powerful mail list manager lets you create and manage mailing lists easily,
Webalizer   easy to read web site traffic analysis graphs and statistics,
counters   A "Hit Counter" is provided for each account.
ftp   file transfer protocol is available if you really have to use it
but please understand that ftp sends your id and password in the clear
and hackers can intercept them and modify or compromise your web site,
we strongly recommend that you learn how to use scp or sftp to transfer files.
  Shopping carts are available for our eCommerce users. Credit card processor fees (setup, monthly reporting, transaction fees, discount rates, etc.) are NOT included in our fees. Your business is responsible for all credit card processor fees.

We do NOT support anonymous ftp (and probably never will, too big a security risk).

We do NOT support Front Page server extensions, at the present time.
We are carefully evaluating the security (or lack thereof) of this tool before adding it to our safe environment.

Our Linux operating system and programs are kept at current patch levels to prevent all known security exploits.

We do not install any known insecure or unsafe programs on our servers.

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