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HTML Editor Tools

Microsoft FrontPage can also be used to create your web site, but please do NOT use any of the FrontPage Server Extensions. We don't support them.

If you are a real bit banger, you can log into your Linux shell account and create your HTML by hand using the vi editor. But most people will NOT want to take this route. ;-)

1st Page is identified as containing a virus by many commercial anti-virus products. There is example javascript in the program, that contains what is known as a windows bomb. It pops open endless windows forcing the user to shutdown his browser or log out of windows. It is an extremely annoying example, but is ONLY an example. It is NOT a virus or trojan. This link explains the issue in great detail.

SSH Programs

To load your web site at you have to use secure tools.
We don't support Telnet because it just is not secure enough!
We do support FTP, but don't recommend using it.
Telnet and FTP both transmit your password in a format that sniffers can read and decode.

email accounts setup

Reading email

Hit counters

  • Digit styles (all platforms)
  • How to call the program from web page (all platforms)
  • Counter options (all platforms)
  • How to use other styles of digits (all platforms)
  • Examples (all platforms)
  • Frequently ask questions (all platforms)

Web Site Traffic Statistics

Web site traffic analysis is provided by the "Webalizer" program. Results are in the /usage directory on your domain.

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